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Some Historical Facts about Bodybuilding

Currently a lot of people participate in bodybuilding and that includes men as well as wo men. The sport of bodybuilding has become a lot more popular especially in the last 3 decades and we all know this but how exactly did bodybuilding start and where did it start before it become the wildly popular sport we now know it to be today.

Bodybuilding is a spectator sport and by definition is does not involve physical acts or exercises like other sports, this sport is strictly about physical looks and the aesthetic look of the muscles of the body.

Other than simply toning their muscles, bodybuilders will also practice and participate in various poses all in order to improve the look of their muscles and showcase this improvement to other people as well. Bodybuilding is a famous spectator sport and many magazines exist which all promote the sport of bodybuilding and cater to its adherents as well as people who aspire to become bodybuilders.

The art of bodybuilding can be traced to India in the 11th century, men in the country lifted stone weights which were called nails in a bid to improve their stamina. They however refrained from physically displaying their bodies the way bodybuilders of today do. The practice of displaying the body was something which became prominent with the ancient Greeks as well as Egyptians. As clearly evident from the ancient sculptures of yesteryear's, muscular beauty was something that was taken rather seriously.

The history of bodybuilding did not take most of its current form until about two centuries back. The first ever bodybuilding contest was held in England in 1901 and it was called “The Great Competition”, it was organized by Eu-gen Sandows and he had prominent individuals such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Charles L awes acting as judges.

There are three basic eras of the history of bodybuilding:

  1. 1930- Strongmen built their physique to show off to the public
  2. 1930 to 1970- The Golden Era of bodybuilding. World War II inspired more young men to become stronger and more muscular.
  3. 1970 to Today- Technology, medicine and more has advanced the bodybuilding industry. People are stronger and larger than ever before.

In recent times we have bodybuilders which are much larger, bulkier and well toned individuals than have ever been possible. This of course has come at an expense and in conjunction with some disadvantages such as the explosion in steroid use as well as insulin and health hormones. Different famous bodybuilders have gone on to succeed at other careers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Carl Lewis.

Various attempts have been made to make bodybuilding an Olympic Sport but due to the prominent use of steroids in the industry, this has proven somewhat difficult. As the history of bodybuilding progresses we are likely to encounter more changes in the future. Already substantial developments are currently occurring in the world of bodybuilding and it is very likely that these developments will metamorphose into events which will change the history of bodybuilding for the better.


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