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Try Liquid Vitamins

If you have decided that getting the recommended dosage of your vitamins and minerals through liquids is the way to go, there are a few different ways to do this. Receiving vitamins through the food we eat or the supplements we take are the most common methods. However, there are advantages to getting the vitamins in liquid form.

For one, vitamins are more easily absorbed into our bodies in liquid form. We do not have to break them and digest them. This is especially true when children are taking their vitamins. Our bodies get them sooner when they are liquefied.

Secondly, they are more effective. Because we did not have to break them down through digestion, they are immediately absorbed into our system to be used. They are in our blood stream and being used by our body minutes consumption. What our bodies need is received quickly and can be used and we can feel the effects much quicker.

There is also a link between antioxidants and liquid vitamins. You will find antioxidants vitamins E, C, and A in liquid vitamins also. Liquid vitamins are just as effective and that these vitamins A, E, and C are some of the most important antioxidants of all. Our bodies do not make them, but we need them in some form to defend against damaging oxidation reactions. They also protect us against cancers and decrease our chances of becoming weak and possibly developing some form of it.

Furthermore, liquid vitamins are just as effective, actually more so because they are absorbed so much more quickly than vitamins in pill form or even found in food as stated above. However, the idea that vitamins must be digested to work is not true, it is much easier for our body, less work, to take vitamins in liquid form. Pills and capsules have to be completely digested and broken down into liquid form for our body to use. Taking the vitamins as liquids had eliminated one of the steps getting us the vitamins we need quickly and more efficiently. Our body is not going to destroy the vitamins and minerals, but does need to turn them into a form that we can use.

Lastly, liquid vitamins do contain colloidal minerals for absorption. These are not harmful, plants and fruits contain trace amounts of these minerals and they are unavoidable and if taken in food or liquid form will not hurt you. For example, apples have anywhere from 3-5 mg of aluminum in them because aluminum is found all over the planet, it is the most abundant element. A small amount of colloidal minerals cannot be avoided since they are naturally occurring and found often in nature and on the planet in general.

Taking your vitamins in liquid form can be effective and save time because they are absorbed so much more quickly. Even if you are still unsure, at least give it a try and see how you like it. You can always go back to the pills and capsules.


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