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5 Tips Use a Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement

Dieting? Use a Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Maximum Results

Dieting? Use a Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Maximum Results

Summary of Using a Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Carb
  • Low Fat
  • Higher Metabolism

Almost everyone goes through some type of diet or another in the US. However, many of these diets focus on losing weight only, without addressing the goal of overall health. What good is it to be 20 lbs lighter if you have no energy, and feel terrible? The reason many of these diets also cause weakness is that by their very nature, they do not give you the chance to take in an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. Therefore, a nutritional diet requires the addition of a vitamin supplement.

Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Low Calorie Diets

All effective diets are low calorie of some type. It is a basic law, that if you eat less than you output, you will lose weight. However, many diets restrict the amount of food you can eat, even if it well balanced, so that you do not get the amount of nutrients you need.

The RDA is based upon a diet of 2000 calories per day. That means, in a well-balanced diet, you will get all the nutrients you need if you eat 2000 calories. However, most people on a diet will never come near 2000 calories a day.

If you restrict yourselves to 1500 calories a day, you will be missing 25% of the nutrients you would have gotten. Even a well-balanced diet will still be missing a quarter of the vitamins and minerals you need for good health.

That is why a good daily, multivitamin is absolutely necessary for someone on a restricted calorie diet. It should have all the basic vitamins and minerals in it. However, there is no reason to take very large doses of any particular vitamin unless you know you are already deficient.

Most restrictive calorie diets have you cut down on refined sugars, process foods, soda pop, desserts, and anything that is white (flour, sugar, etc.). These foods do not give you any real nutritional benefit, so you are only stripping away useless calories.

However, to create a calorie deficit in these diets, you will have to eat less of even the healthy foods. That means you should take a daily supplement even if you are eating a well-balanced diet.

Most diets have you eat plenty of vitamin rich vegetables and fruits, so Vitamin A, C, D should not be a problem. Also, if you are eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, Vitamin B, iron, and other minerals should not be a problem. If you are eating plenty of fish, eggs, and poultry, Vitamin E and Omega-3 oil should be found in abundance.

If you are lacking in any of these categories, you may want to take an additional supplements to make up for what you do not get through your diet.

Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Low Carb Diets

These diets have you skip foods that have a high sugar content that spike your insulin levels. The idea is that your body will regulate its blood sugar better, eliminating cravings for more sugar and maintaining a healthy appetite.

These diets vary, and they tend to encourage you to eat plenty of meats, dairy, and vegetables. The only caution here is that you will probably not get enough Vitamin C that you would normally get from citrus fruits. Therefore, a Vitamin C supplement is a bare minimum when you are on a low carb diet.

Potassium is also another supplement you may wish to take if you are not eating enough fruit. Potassium can be toxic, so use only supplements with very low levels of Potassium, much less than the 100% RDA since you will be getting trace amounts from other foods.

If you are not as good about eating vegetables and are eating mostly meats and dairy, you will also want to take Vitamin B supplements since you will be missing them from your green vegetables.

Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Low Fat Diets

You usually cannot go wrong here, except that some people equate low fat with no meat. If you are one of those people, then you may wish to take an iron supplement in addition to a daily multivitamin.

If you also believe that dairy is just as evil as meat, then you should take a Calcium and Vitamin D supplement as well. These supplements should have Phosphorus included to aid in the absorption of Calcium.

Vitamin E could also be a vitamin that you need that you are not getting since most people get it from eggs as their primary source. If you are complete vegan, then a good multivitamin with extra Vitamin E is a good idea.

Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement for Higher Metabolism

Chromium is one mineral (actually a metal) that have been found to aid in weight loss. In several studies, Chromium has been shown to help the cells become more sensitive to insulin, and therefore metabolize sugars faster.

This can lead to greater fat loss. As sugars are metabolized in the blood stream faster, fat stores are accessed more quickly. Over a period of time, this can add up to 3-4 pounds of fat loss over a period of three months, all other things being equal.

Chromium can also help create muscle gain, therefore increasing the metabolism and increasing fat burn. In Age magazine, a 1991 study using chromium picolinate, men and elderly subjects showed not only fat loss, but an increase in lean muscle mass when they were given 200-400 mcg of Chromium daily.

Make sure you are taking a supplement that has Chromium in it if you are on a diet. (The RDA is 120 mcg and should be plenty to help boost your diet if you are restricting calories and exercising regularly.) It will help you burn that fat off and gain some muscle. Remember, it is not all about losing weight, but about losing the right kind of weight!

Nutritional Diet Vitamin Supplement: Conclusion

Going on a diet is a good idea if you want a healthier life and find that those extra pounds are keeping you from feeling energetic. However, be smart about it. Recognize that you are not going to get all the nutrients you need from any type of restrictive diet, and that taking a daily nutritional diet vitamin supplement is the best thing you can do to make sure you are not sabotaging your efforts. Your goal is to be healthy, and that does not always mean just losing weight!

If you have any questions about what supplements we recommend and personally use, please feel free to contact us. We would also love to hear your successful diet stories and can share some of our own! (Joe is always on some diet, but Eunice has been blessed genetically and has never needed to go on one. Life is not fair sometimes.)

To your greater health!

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