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bodybuilding breakfast

Bodybuilding breakfasts FOR Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And as much as exercise is important to bodybuilding

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And as much as exercise is important to bodybuilding, the amount of energy we take in is equally as important. It is therefore essential that we make this significant meal count by taking in as much protein as possible. Even if we are not hungry we must make sure that we take in as much as we can before we start our day.

The benefits of eating bodybuilding breakfasts:

Eating a well balanced breakfast not only helps jump start your metabolism after the long hours of lack of food you have had but also gives you the energy you need to function throughout the day. Think of it as the gas you use to fill up your motorcycle. Or the battery that powers up your pocket gadget. Just as these would not be able to function without the energy, so won’t you.

Bodybuilding breakfasts also help provide for better focus and attentiveness. A lack of energy makes one lack concentration in their daily endeavors. Be it in class or at work, one will find themselves getting woozy and lightheaded due to the lack of carbohydrates as the brain runs low on them.

A lack of breakfast leads to a lack of energy. This will in turn make you consume more calories during the day that will be detrimental to your fitness process as your body seeks to make up for the deficit.Studies also show that someone who has had breakfast is less irritable than someone who has not. By taking your bodybuilding breakfast you make sure that you have a pleasant relationship around those you interact with.

What to include in your bodybuilding breakfast:

A bodybuilding breakfast should be rich in protein. You can have either of these on your breakfast plate:•

White chocolate peanut butter cinnamon bars•

Whey great protein muffins• Sprouted buckwheat pumpkin pancakes•

High protein oatmeal•

Protein blueberry muffins.

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