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The Truth about Diet Pills and Supplements

We are bombarded with ads promising to make us trim and slim without any effort – simply pop those magic pills and your appetite will vanish

We are bombarded with ads promising to make us trim and slim without any effort – simply pop those magic pills and your appetite will vanish, your metabolism will increase and you can just about eat anything and still keep that hour-glass figure.

These natural diet pills or supplements seem to work like miracles. Endorsed by those slim and trim individuals who show their ‘before’ and ‘after’ bodies with pride and conviction, the pills and supplements are simply amazing. After all, the promises made by the manufacturers of the diet pills and supplements are definitely tempting. Who on earth would not like to have that desirable body, without having to starve, without having to exercise and without having to take any effort? But watch out. Just because the products are ‘natural’ does not mean they are safe and healthy.

Weight loss is one of the most important issues affecting both the mind and the body of an average American. The whole world seems to be obsessed by a slim and trim body. Otherwise why would Americans spend nearly $40 billion every year, just on products which promise a slim body? It is simply because most people do not have the will power to avoid his or her favorite food coupled with lack of time and inclination to go for workouts. So depend on the magic pill to do all the work for you, while you relax and enjoy life in your own terms.

The most important thing to observe before you pop in a diet pill or start depending on supplements is that since these brands are marketed as ‘natural’ products, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) does not regulate it. This means that none of these products have been clinically tested for their efficacy as well as their long-term effects on the body. Their safety record is not established.

Calorie burners, appetite suppressants and carbohydrate blockers are some of the different categories in which diet pills and supplements can be classified under. Increment of metabolism is one of the claims made by calorie burners which in turn may result in increase in heart rate, which may turn into irregular beating of the heart, increase in blood pressure, nervousness, insomnia and depression. These adverse side effects are a result of the common ingredient that these products contain: ephedrine, which is methylamino-l phenyl-l propanol. This can either be a derivative of the ma-huang plant or could be made from combining several herbal combinations. Unfortunately, this ingredient is not only responsible for a host of illnesses, it may even cause death.

An appetite suppressant, as the name explains, on the other hand decreases our hunger levels and reduces our yearning for food. This in turn results in less consumption of calories which helps in weight loss. Since lower calories will result in reduced metabolism, the resulting lower metabolic rate will automatically result in losing weight. But the important thing to remember is that metabolic functions depend on the calorie intake which is transformed to energy to perform the basic body functions. This means that if we take lesser calories than is necessary to maintain our body functions, we might be harming the body in some way.

Fat and carbohydrate blockers bar the intestines from absorbing these elements. We must remember that there are many nutrients which are transported to our blood stream with the help of fat, so putting a clamp on such absorption may deplete the body of essential nutrients. Side effects of these types of diet pills or supplements include cramping, diarrhea and bloating.

Our bodies gradually gets used to these diet pills and supplements and the weight loss reaches its peak within 6 months of use. The after effect could mean regaining the lost pounds faster than you lost it. If weight loss is a priority in your agenda and you are aiming for one of these diet pills or supplements, remember to back it up with a healthy and balanced diet and lots of physical exercise. But before you begin your diet program, visit your health provider. He is the best person who can advise you on any expected adverse reaction or side effects caused due to the current medication that you are already taking.

In summary, it is important to remember that weight loss can not be achieved miraculously over night. It has to happen gradually with a strong commitment from your side. The process of weight loss is a combination of a healthy diet with a regular routine of physical work out. As a responsible adult, stop believing in those hyped claims of ‘natural’ products which reduce weight without any hard work or diet control. Control what you are eating in stead and how fast you can burn the calories which you have consumed. Remember, ‘natural’ need not always mean that they are safe as well.


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