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Bodybuilding Workouts

What To Eat After A Hard Workout – Maximized Results!

Finally you convinced yourself to hit the gym today, but you don’t want all your work to go to waste

Finally you convinced yourself to hit the gym today, but you don’t want all your work to go to waste. The next step is eating something good before hitting the shower. (Yes, you stink) I keep seeing ads for the top 5 foods you should eat or never eat, but those things just suck. Let’s use some science to help aide us into discovering the ultimate foods right after hitting the gym hard. Or maybe going on a long run.

The first step is to make sure that you replenish your glycogen stores that was depleted in your muscles. Sounds sci-ency but essentially you just need to eat some carbohydrates to replenish those stores. Getting some carbohydrates as quickly as possible is the best case scenario.

This is one of the few acceptable times that 800lb dead lifters all the way amateur walkers should be eating simple carbohydrates. Now you could just go spoon some sugar into your mouth, but I suggest that you consider a healthier alternative. Eat a banana and drink some O.J. This is the perfect amount of carbs for an post-workout snack. You get the simple carbohydrates you need without eating a piece of cake and don’t have to touch added sugar, the #1 enemy of the 21st century human species.

Next on the list, and just as important is protein. Now there are two alternatives to this. A lot of people tell you that whey protein is the best. It is true that whey protein is incredibly fast acting and one of the fastest digested proteins out there. So a scoop of whey in a glass of water can always be helpful post workout. Another alternative is to eat eggs.

Eggs are the most bio-available source of proteins that we eat, in fact we use eggs as the basis on which we compare all other proteins. It has all the essential proteins and a decent amount of leucine. Eat 3 eggs and whisk away (pun intended) your protein needs. If you do go the whey protein route, try to use some milk instead of water. Milk has fat in it, and the carbs are useful for the post workout scenario.

The fat is useful for helping the body absorb more protein. Another added effect is the casein found in milk. Casein is another type of protein the body uses but is slower to digest. Research has shown that a combination of whey and casein has had the best overall effectiveness in muscle repairing effects. Got Milk?


  • Bannanas
  • Milk
  • Eggs

So take a banana, and eat some eggs for a cheap post workout meal. Or get yourself a scoop of whey protein and dunk it in some milk and bananas, and voila, you have yourself a very well rounded post workout meal!

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