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Disadvantages And Advantages of Consuming Protein

How Bodybuilding Protein Intake can Help You Increase Muscle Over Time

How Bodybuilding Protein Intake can Help You Increase Muscle Over Time
Protein Intake

To get big, you have to maintain your bodybuilding protein intake to the required level. To gain muscle, your body has to have enough protein to accommodate your new muscle tissue. Many bodybuilders do not take protein in sufficient amounts and consume diets containing not more than 3500 calories and 200 grams protein. This leads to very little or no progress. Training without protein, which stimulates the growth of new muscle tissue, will not yield positive results. To make your body progressively larger, you have to increase protein intake to at least 2 g x body weight.

How bodybuilding protein intake helps stimulates muscle growth.

To realize the benefits of bodybuilding protein intake, you have to split your protein intake by 50% shakes and 50% whole foods. Only after implementing this, will you realize the following benefits:

Incorporate whey in your food, that is, micro filtration and ion exchange. These are the purest form of protein and contain BCAA in high levels which are your ideal post workout meal.

Consume the Casein and Mi-cellar Casein in milk. The major disadvantage of milk is that it has a high lactose level, which can give you problems when taken in high quantities. With the new technology, however, two new proteins isolates, Casein and Mile-casein can be isolated. These proteins have high glut-amine levels and are good for anti catabolism. They are also slow to digest, this is good because the protein will stay longer in your stomach and secreted slowly over time. Mile-casein is the purest form of Casein, however, it is very expensive.

Consider soy protein isolate. Many believe that a hardcore bodybuilder would never go for soy because of its association with women. However, a soy protein intake is very good for body building since it has BCAA in high quantities and also Glut amine. You should, however, be keen on what soy protein you consume, you should consume isolate soy protein and not regular soy.

Consume egg white. These are the best forms of protein intake after whole foods. There is also egg white protein powder on the market. You can also go for pasteurized eggs if you do not like cooked eggs.

The above four protein shakes if consumed together, can yield the best body building results. You can either go to an online manufacturer where you can have them incorporated into an equal part blend or alternatively, purchase tubs of the four different proteins in a store and combine them into one.

The downsides of protein intake.

Production of a lot of ketones in your body. Ketones are toxic to your body. As your kidneys work overtime to remove the ketones from your body, you lose a lot of water. When you lose the water, especially as you are exercising, you may become dehydrated. This may lead to the loss of electrolytes and cause dizziness, weakness and occasional arrhythmias.


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