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How to increase testosterone naturally

Can testosterone be increased naturally? Yes it can :)

Can testosterone be increased naturally? Yes it can :)
Testosterone is the male hormone and its proper release results in elevating the mood and having more power to exercise.

Testosterone can be increased naturally provided that you stick to very simple yet effective actions that i am going to tell you about in this post.

What actions can increase testosterone naturally

Contrary to common beliefs some fats are healthy and not all fats are harmful. Fats assists in the release of testosterone in the blood so eat healthy fats for higher levels of testosterone.

Just like there are factors that can increase testosterone naturally there are other factors that can reduce testosterone like lack of sleep. Lack of sleep results in the release of cortisol which breaks down muscles and reduces testosterone levels.

Of course stress itself reduces testosterone too that's why you should avoid stress if you want to obtain higher levels of testosterone.

Compound exercises such as squats and bench press can increase testosterone levels so make sure you never skip them in the gym.

Alcohol reduces testosterone levels and in addition to all of its other harmful effects. If you are serious about body building then you should think about giving up alcohol.(see Alcohols effect on muscle growth)

Avoid unnatural ways that increase testosterone

There are many drugs that can increase testosterone levels but they are very dangerous because they inhibit natural testosterone release and results in affecting your hormone levels permanently if you misused them.

I have spent years doing the wrong things in the gym and didn't get any results, fortunately i came across the book No nonsense muscle building , the best selling body building book for skinny people, which helped me get rid of most of the misconceptions that i had about body building and guided me to the right way that a skinny guy should follow in order to get bigger, its worth checking out.
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