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Build Muscle Fast - One secret

Building muscle can be a long and arduous process, however there are some shortcuts that have been discovered by the relatively new science of sports physiology

Building muscle can be a long and arduous process, however there are some shortcuts that have been discovered by the relatively new science of sports physiology. Knowledge of these shortcuts can help you significantly reduce the amount of time required to build muscle.

One secret that we have learned is that you don’t have to exercise each muscle every single day.

In the traditional school of bodybuilding, it was believed that there was no way to build muscle fast. Every day you would have to go to the gym and spend hours working every muscle in your body. You rested at night, and you got only one day off per week to recuperate.

Back then, if you wanted to participate in other sports you were told not to lift weights because it would make you “muscle-bound” and inflexible. As time went on, athletes discovered that weight training actually made them much stronger and, ironically, more flexible. Sports trainers noticed this and started to consider weight training for muscle building. This convinced lots of sports trainers to add weight training to their fitness routines, and soon, football, baseball and basketball players, even track and field athletes, began to lift weights.

The science of sports physiology emerged and weight training started to receive a more scientific approach as applied to muscle building for athletes in all sports.

Bodybuilders noticed this and modified their workout routines, searching for ways speed up the muscle building process process. They still spent many hours pumping iron, but now it was now only about half the time they used to spend.

What enabled them to do this?

The routines were studied to find best approach to building muscle fast. The research showed that it was crucial to rest muscles after they were worked strenuously, otherwise they would become exhausted and could not develop any further.

Today bodybuilders are advised to allow a muscle group one week to recover after exercising the group to total exhaustion. The muscles will get some work when you are focusing on other muscle groups, but that’s okay. It is only on their “focus day” that they are exhausted. The use of this approach will fast track your muscle growth and make your body stronger overall.

You don’t need to endure constant all-over muscle soreness every day of the week either, since muscle groups are permitted to rest, recover and rebuild themselves.

Another advancement in bodybuilding was the discovery that working the muscle to complete exhaustion for each exercise was sufficient to tear it down. Protein ingested by the bodybuilder is used primarily to rebuild the muscle tissue, rather than developing it further.

Eating the right diet is the other side of the building-muscle-fast equation. Some have claimed that bodybuilding is 80 percent diet, and while this might not be entirely accurate, it certainly accounts for more than half.

Building muscle at the fastest possible rate requires you to consume at least 25 percent of your calories as protein from both plant and animal sources. You should only eat complex carbohydrates, and try to eat only vegetables that contain protein as well. 25 percent of your diet should consist of fats and fibers. Avoid refined sugars and starches, and keep your caffeine and alcohol consumption to a minimum. To boost your protein intake, you can supplement your diet with protein powder, eggs, desiccated liver and kelp tablets. Wheat germ oil will help your body metabolize protein and will provide you with additional endurance.

In summary, exercise each muscle group smarter, not harder, to achieve fast muscle growth. Rest and recovery is just as important as weight training, but maintaining a proper diet is most important of all.


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I run for my aerobic exercise. You can run, walk, dance; whatever you prefer. Just be certain to do aerobics at least 3 – 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes each workout. If you are using HIIT or something on that order, obviously you will be spending less time getting in your aerobics.

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