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How To Gain Lean Body Mass – Top 10 Tips for Lean Gain in Budget

Top 10 Tips for Lean Gain in Budget

1-Peanut Butter

Tip no.1 is peanut butter and trust me, it’s a best source of good fat

Tip no.1 is peanut butter and trust me, it’s a best source of good fat. Peanut butter particularly comprehends about 94 calories, around 4 grams of good protein, 7 grams of good fat, and 4 grams of carbohydrate in every table spoon serving of peanut butter. It is basically rumpled peanuts mixed with any of the different kinds of oils. Like raw eggs, it also particularly has Omega-3 fats (Fish oil). You can purchase it in different textures like plain peanut butter, which you may call smooth peanut butter and chunky peanut butter which have some peanut chunks in it. I personally like a natural peanut butter which contains no preservatives just because they are typically made with organic and healthier oils.

Peanut butter is very useful because you can add it to so various foods to add calories. You can spread it toast, even on fruits and vegetables too. You can add it to a meal before your workout or have it post-workout. You can make peanut butter at home as much as you want and consume it freshly, it is very easy to make peanut butter at your own kitchen.

It’s got the good fat & it is full of nutrition value
Peanut butter is good source of good fat; I personally recommend people to have it thrice a day, 2 spoons of peanut butter in the morning, pre-workout and late night for good results, you will see the difference yourself. Make your habit to consume it on daily basis ever.

2-Mix Your Carbs

Tip no.2 is very important, always try to mix your carbs, like mix fast and slow carbs in one serving, for instance, mix brown and white rice together and make it one serving, it contains slow digestive carbs with fast digestive carbs. And before workout, I recommend try to mix sweet potatoes with normal potatoes. I always mix my carbs and I personally suggest this to everyone.

Let’s discuss why we need to mix fast and slow carbs?
The dissimilarity between “slow” and “fast” carbohydrate is how speedily they’re digested in your body and immersed. Fast carbs prompt rapid confounds in your blood sugar level, points that are characteristically followed by blood sugar cracks that can leave you starving. Particularly slow carbs, on the other side, initiate a steadier increase in blood sugar, which surely keeps your levels comparatively stable between meals.

3-How Much Protein DO You Need – One Gram Per Body Pound, REALLY?

Tip no.3. Are you consuming too much protein? One of the myths since ages how much protein intake one person has to consume in one meal serving

Tip no.3. Are you consuming too much protein? One of the myths since ages how much protein intake one person has to consume in one meal serving. Typically, every other person in fitness industry says the body cannot have the capacity to use more than 20 to 30g of protein in one meal. But these were all old theories, I recommend and suggest every of my student to consume 2 grams per body pound, and I also follow this routine.

Trust me, there is nothing intrinsically erroneous or unnatural about taking more protein than your body can use to form muscle mass. The surplus protein will simply be used as energy source to your body. No No, your kidneys will be safe and are not going to shatter! Make the portions of your total protein intake out evenly into 4 to 6 meals per day, of at least 25-30 grams of protein per meal. Also give at least minimum give 3 hours’ space between meals. At the end of the day it will be the most important that you have done the daily target of your protein meals. So, try to split your meals in different portions and divided them into 30 grams’ protein servings and eat 5 to 6 meals a day to attain best results.

4-Healthy fats

Tip no.4 Consuming healthy fats .5 per body pound is very important for muscle mass growth

Tip no.4 Consuming healthy fats .5 per body pound is very important for muscle mass growth. I am about to tell you people about these fat sources, there are many but I am going to describe few best and convenient one’s:

Omega 3 - Fish Oil: Particularly reduces soreness in joints and skin of your body, lowers body fat and especially increases testosterone levels in body. Since you perhaps skirmish to get enough from consuming fatty fish, now I recommend please consider a fish oil supplement and see the difference.

Whole Eggs: Now the whole eggs are the best, cheap and very rich source of natural protein. Mostly people thinks and it’s a myth that just consume eff white but yolk contains most nutrition value. I personally recommend to all try to eat 6 whole eggs a day, guys its really benefic and If you have bad cholesterol level in your body, just lower your body fat rather than throwing or wasting the yolk away.

Flax Seeds: It’s a best source of protein, fiber and omega-3 fat. Try to grind the all flax seeds to get the most out of them. Consume one table spoon with yogurt and berries before sleep. Do not use flax oil, it’s unbalanced and contains very less amount of fiber.

Coconut Oil/Olive Oil: Study shows 70 percent monounsaturated fats that shield against heart diseases and prevent cancer. Add 2 table spoon coconut oil or olive oil to your salads, food of your choice.

Mixed Nuts: Major source of polyunsaturated fats, potassium, proteins, fiber, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, etc. Take a jar, mix nuts and take it in your bag while going for workout and consume it during your workout, it contains healthy fats and gives you energy while you really need it during your workout.

Red Meat: Mutton and lean beef are the good source of Protein and omega; you must add these in your diet plan. Try to eat lean beef steaks and grilled meat with less spices.


Tip no.5, Fruits are major source of multi vitamins and minerals

Tip no.5, Fruits are major source of multi vitamins and minerals. It is recommended that mix any 3 fruits and consume it daily. I usually eat dates after my workout and it is really boost my energy level. Bananas are also good source of energy, try to eat 2 before your workout and in day time take juicy fruits, you can have citric fruits too.

Apples are good for heart and brain health. Grape fruits are Vitamin C power house, you can have grape fruit juice, it also helps in balancing your body fats.

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