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Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

Shoulder exercises without weights are referred to as Calisthenics

Shoulder exercises without weights are referred to as Calisthenics. This guide is to help you find the right match of shoulder exercises without weights. Below are an abundance of calisthenics shoulder exercises.

Pull Ups

While standing, place your hands on the overhead bar shoulder-width apart. Pull yourself up with your arms until your chin is in level with the bar. Hold slightly at the top of the movement and then release slowly straightening your arms.

Perform three sets of eight repetitions.

Lateral Raises

While standing with your feet positioned shoulder width apart, lift your arms until they are perpendicular to the torso. Hold the position for two to three seconds and lower your arms down and repeat the motion.

Perform three sets of twenty repetitions.

Front Deltoid Raises

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lift your arms forward until they are in front of your body and perpendicular to your torso. Hold the position for two seconds. Repeat the motion 20 times and perform three sets.


For this exercise you’ll need two sturdy chairs. This exercise is multi-purpose and will work the triceps, shoulders, and chest. Place one chair on either side of your body. Place each hand on the backs of one of the chairs. Bend the knees and the elbows and lift yourself using your arms. At the end of the movement, the arms will be straight and the knees bent. Lower yourself down and repeat the movement.

Perform eight to ten repetitions in three sets.

Push Ups

Start with the palms on the floor shoulder width apart, chest facing downward. Extend your legs behind you and support your weight on your toes. Body should be in line with your head and held in tact as you bend your elbows and lower yourself to the floor. Using your arms only lift the weight of your body until your arms are extended. Repeat.

Perform twenty repetitions and three sets.

Knee Push Ups

Wo-men typically prefer these push ups to traditional because there is less body weight to support.

These push ups are like traditional push ups only instead of supporting the weight of your body on your arms and toes, you support your weight on you hands and knees with your legs and ankles crossed in the air. Lower your body to the floor and lift your body in the same way repeatedly.

Perform twenty repetitions and three sets.

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