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How to Set a Positive Context for Your Day to Build More Muscle

How to Set a Positive Context for Your Day to Build More Muscle, Eat More Food and Recover Effortlessly

How to Set a Positive Context for Your Day to Build More Muscle, Eat More Food and Recover Effortlessly
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Your morning reflects the reality of your day. That, my friends, is an idea you should bash so deeply into your brain that it may become easier to recall than your own name.

Most people start the day in a similar way. They wake up to an alarm, perhaps check their phone or rush to a computer, eat a lousy breakfast, try to find a moment’s peace under the hot rush of water in a shower and, so on and so forth.

Basically, it’s a early morning frenzy, and people are surprised by the fact that their days continue in the same fashion…

What you need to do is to design the perfect morning routine for yourself; one that will set a positive context for the rest of your day and that pushes you towards your goals. And here’s exactly how to do that:

  1. First, forget the alarm. I won’t go on about this, but do away with your alarm by learning how to wake up without an alarm clock. Just do this one thing and you’ve already one-upped your previous mornings.
  2. Start with the most important thing ever. Drink 2 glasses of water. Why? Because the moment you wake up you’re already dehydrated. If you’re sleeping well then you haven’t had a drink in 8 hours – how can you expect your brain to function properly without the liquids it needs?
  3. Avoid all technology for the first 1-2 hours of your day. I work on the Internet, from home, so my laptop is my office and because I do love my work it is tempting to get to work straight away, but this is a bad idea for so many reasons that it’d take a book to explain them all. But basically, sitting in front of a LCD screen is not the best way to set a positive context for strength training, proper eating or getting the rest you need.
  4. Have a shower. Or, even better: have a cold shower. Either is fine really, but the latter will give you a brilliant boost in energy (plus it has a bunch of health benefits). Wash away yesterday’s dirt, and be grateful that you have a few minutes of alone time before continuing your day.
  5. Eat well. Preparing food in the morning is often unappealing, but it’s important to have a big breakfast (preferably with at least 24g of protein). Keep it simple by frying up 2-3 eggs, adding in a piece of fruit, and drinking a glass of milk (or just more water). Avoid cereals or anything grain-based as it will make you feel sluggish before you’ve actually done anything.
  6. Work your muscles. Do something that gets your heart pumping. It doesn’t have to be intense – it could be as simple as walking around the block. The point is to get some fresh air, relax your muscles, and get some energy for the day. Plus, if it’s a training day, moving around in the morning will better prefer you for your session.
  7. Work your mind. How you do this exactly is up to you, but I enjoy reading for 20-30 minutes. It doesn’t really matter what, just anything that you can engage with and makes you feel good (that counts out newspapers). And, even if this is all the reading you do, over the course of your life time that is a lot of knowledge you’ll absorb, helping to better your life in all areas.
  8. Look at your “Most Important Tasks” for the day. Every night, a few hours before you go to sleep, prepare a list of 2-3 things that you *must* get done the next day. Then, after you’ve followed through with your morning routine, complete the most important task and work your way through the list. This doesn’t strictly relate to muscle building, but the more genuine progress you make in other areas of your life, the more momentum you’ll be able to build with your training.

This is one of the most important exercises you can ever do; not just in terms of building muscle, but with living your life in general.

I realize it can be unappealing to push yourself into a routine, but think of it like this: you likely have a routine already in place that you formed unintentionally – making a conscious decision on how you start your day will have profound effects on your both mental and physical well-being.


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